Grant Making Bodies

Aylesbury foodbank

Part of the Trussell Trust's UK-wide network of foodbanks, providing emergency food and support for local people in crisis in the Aylesbury area. The foodbank provides three day's emergency food and practical help to assist people cope in a crisis, as well as give advice and signpost to other services in the area to help people recover, rebuild their lives and break the cycle of poverty. New Leaf is an approved agency and hold vouchers for the foodbank that can be given to our clients in the Aylesbury area

An insiders view to prison

A book called 'Prison on an L plate - A beginners guide for the first timer' by Dan Angelino, priced £1.99 on Kindle, tells you all you need to know from the moment of arrest, through the whole prison sentence and release, from a very honest ex-offender. This book is well written (if you can accept the odd spelling mistake and bad grammar) but is an invaluable source of information for anyone who wants to know the inside story.

Berkshire Care Trust

<p>Berkshire Care Trust is a grant foundation set up to support people leaving prison. Emergency funds are available in all probation offices to be used at the discetion of the probation officers. In addition the probation officer can put forward an additional request for a person for funding eg for courses, housing etc.</p><p>Funds can also be used to support the family.</p><p>Applcations an only be made by probation however, should the mentee or mentor request support and be unable to get an application submittedpleae inform the office who will make the care trust aware. Th care trust may then be able to contat theprbaton officer in quetion directly.&nbsp;</p><p>There is no limit to he number of requests or th amount.</p>


<p>Small grants from Oxford Povery Action Team. Application form is available on the website along with criteria. Forms must have the TVP bank address added so must be sent to the office before submission.</p><p>&nbsp;</p>


<p>Small grant from the Quakers to help overcome homlessness. More info on the website To apply send an email with the details of what is required and why, Applications should be made to come into TVP and mentors should ensure that a copy is sent to the project to put onto file.</p>

Central Aid Grants Scheme

The Society operates a small grants scheme which provides help to those those living in the High Wycombe area who are in particular need. Our trustees meet regularly to decide on grant applications. Grants may also be awarded for the purchase of essential items of furniture from our furniture project. Most grant applications come through referrals from Social Services, agencies, charities and voluntary organisations. Please contact us for more information.