Our Partners

Bucks Association for the Care of Offenders (BACO) – a registered charity who aim to help offenders break their cycle of criminal behaviour, and hence re-integrate into society. Baco provides grants to serving prisoners, ex-offenders and their families living within the counties of Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes.

Thames Valley Community Rehabilitation Company (TV-CRC) – working with people who have committed different types of offences such as burglary, car crime, sex offences and violence. Providing probation supervision, offending behaviour programmes and specialist support services, with the aim of preventing re-offending.

Bronzefield, Bullingdon, Springhill and Woodhill Prisons and Chaplaincies -  each prison has a chaplaincy which is committed to serving the needs of prisoners, staff and religious traditions.  They work collaboratively, respecting fully the integrity of each tradition and discipline.  They contribute to the care of prisoners, with the aim of enabling them to live law abiding and useful lives in custody and after release. The chaplaincies are a key link for New Leaf, as they are one of the sources of offender referrals to us.