Helping You

“I had a visit from two lovely women who made me feel better about myself.”
“Meeting with my mentor stops me from doing things I shouldn’t.”
“Thank you for introducing me to my mentor… She is fantastic.”
“Thank you to everyone who tried to turn my life around.”
“I just wanted to say thank you for helping me when I was out last and not forgetting about me when I come back to prison. I still want to remain clean when I get released and work with New Leaf again.”

If you are a prisoner who would like support when you return to the community after your sentence, you can contact us yourself, or ask any member of the Prison Chaplaincy Team or Probation Team to refer you to us. We will then visit you in prison to discuss your needs with you, and decide with you if we feel we can be of assistance. If so, we will match you with one of our fully trained volunteer mentors who will support you for at least twelve weeks after release. This is done through weekly meetings, and telephone contact as agreed between both parties.

Your mentor can help you plan and work towards your goals, and can help you get specific advice in areas such as accommodation, finances, employment, alcohol and drugs. We work with all people from any background regardless of race, age, sexuality, religion, belief or disability. Our mentors are volunteers who give their time because they want to help. They are non judgemental, and are here to listen, support and encourage you as you work towards achieving your goals.

Please find attached our client confidentiality and consent agreement form.